Harappa, Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

harappa vineet bajpai

The current trend in the world of fiction is thrillers which combine history/ mythology with current day scenarios in such a fluid manner that it leaves you wondering what is real and what is not. This is exactly what Harappa, Curse of the Blood River makes you feel. This is just part one of the series, and I am dying to know what happens next. (Don’t you hate it when books leave you hanging)

Vineet Bajpai, has managed to capture a history lesson with fictitious characters in a story line that is so fluid, so engrossing, you will not be able to put it down, and it will make you question what you have read in your history book. I will be honest and say that there is some influence of Dan Brown and Ashwin Sanghi in the vibe of the book, but only as an influence in the good way, and not at all in a copycat way. Vineet Bajpai has a unique voice, and his language is simple but effective.

harappa vineet bajpai

The story starts with the introduction of Vidyut Shashtri, an intelligent, smart young entrepreneur being summoned back to his home town, Benaras. Before he leaves, he reveals to his girlfriend, Damini, that he is half human, half Devta. Back in Benaras, Vidyut’s great grandfather, the famous Dwarka Shastri, is waiting for Vidyut to return to tell him a secret about his lineage. A curse that can only be handled by Vidyut himself.

In the meanwhile the story of Vivasvan Pujari, the last Devta of the Harappa civilization runs parallel to the current say scenario, and I found myself quickly turning pages to find the confluence point of the stories. What is the connection between Vidyut and Vivasvan? Who is trying to kill Vidyut? What is the great secret about Harappa that they are trying to hide? What is the curse and why does the river Saraswati become the Blood River?

So many questions, some answered and a lot left to be answered in the next book.

harappa vineet bajpai

The imagery is vivid, the plot thickens with every chapter, and the writing is enthralling. Make sure that you keep aside some tea, snacks and a couple of hours to finish this book. I read mine during a train journey, because trust me, you don’t want to be disturbed while reading this. ‘

Overall I am eagerly awaiting the next part and I would rate this 4.5 out of 5 stars.n

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