Hawkers Hall Menu, Mamagoto


Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

I have a long standing love affair with Pan Asian food. I feel like Pan Asian food really has a lot of depth in terms of flavour and plays with your palette like no other cuisine. Mamagoto is definitely one of my all time favourite restaurants to go to for some sumptuous Pan Asian food.

We got an invite to try out their new Hawker’s Hall Menu and I could not contain my excitement. Being invited to taste a menu at my all-time-favourite go-to restaurant, it was like a dream come true.

There are a good 9 new items that are on the menu, and basically they are trying to figure out which dishes can stay permanently on the menu. So here we are with our thoughts on what we think is a keeper.


We started with mocktails which are already on the permanent menu of Mamagoto. I had the Lemon Zest and Mint Lemonade while my friend had the Blueberry cooler. The Lemon Zest and Mint cooler was lemony, and cooling. That was pretty much all I needed to beat the heat. The Blue Berry Cooler did not seem to be freshly pressed berries persay, and a bit heavy on the sugar. But nevertheless it was refreshing.

Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

New dishes- I have classified them as starters and mains because I think that will give you a better idea of the quantity.


Thai Puchka

Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

My mouth is literally drooling as I write this. This was the best starter EVER! It was like a rogue Pani Puri. There were hints of ginger, dried coconut, fresh paan leaf, and tamarind and dates sauce. Every flavour possible was mixed into one crunchy starter that left you drooling for more. There was sweet and sour and a slight aftertaste of the paan. 6 pieces per plate in not enough to be shared, so make sure you get your own.The only thing that I might have liked to see is a less viscous sweet ginger sauce. If that had been liquid enough for me to pour into the puchka like the proper Pani Puri ka pani, I think this would have been beyond perfect. Okay I am just being picky here for no reason. Priced at 219INR

Our Verdict- A must add to the permanent menu.

Rice Pancake

Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

For me this falls under the starters category, not because of its quantity or size, but because I think the average person can definitely eat this and then continue to have a complete meal. Well I managed to wipe this clean and go on to taste another 5 dishes, but then again maybe my stomach’s capacity is slightly larger than the average woman.

This is exactly what the name suggests, it is a rice pancake filled with soya kheema (for the vegetarian), of minced chicken (for the non vegetarian), fresh sprouts, spring onion, diced carrots and onions. The pancake itself was slightly thicker than I would have liked it to be, but having said that I think it makes sense given the proportion of filling on the inside. The spicy flavours of the soya kheema inside is well balanced by the mild rice pancake and apple mint sauce. The highlight was definitely the apple mint sauce that accompanies the dish. It really completes the entire dish. This is your typical streetfood where you have to use your fingers to roll this and indulge in it. If you are not a fan of licking your fingers after a scrumptious roll then steer away from the rice pancake because it is a messy affair. Priced at 199INR (for vegetarian), 249INR (for no vegetarian)

Our verdict- It would be a mistake to not include this in the menu.

Aubergine and Okra Medley

Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

This is a vegetarian tempura with aubergines and bindi. The tempura batter was a slightly thick coating and because of this the vegetables inside were not cooked as well as they should have been. Personally I think the combination is either a hit or a miss because a lot of people do not like like aubergine (brinjal). I am weird and I love aubergine but this I think needs some modification and more flavour. Priced 299INR

Our Verdict- Meh! Lets move on.

Surfer’s Lunch

Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

The coating was a bit too thick and so the taste of the succulent crab was not coming through. There is just a bit too little of the chilli jam and it gets lost at the bottom of the dish. Priced at 599INR for Shrimp variation and 899INR for crab variation.

Our Verdict- if they make the coating a bit lighter and the jam more existent on the plate, well then this would be a great addition to the menu.


Sukiyaki Rice Noodles

Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

There is a vegetarian version to this, so fear not. Flat noodles, well seasoned and well coated with the Suki sauce, with a medium spice level and very bold flavours. This is a stomach filling dish and definitely perfect for a grab-and-go sort of meal. It covers all the nutrition groups so you really don’t need anything to go with this. Priced at 349INR for Tofu aka Vegetarian, 389INR for Chicken and 619INR for prawns

Our Verdict- You can never have too many types of noodles on a menu, so yes we want to see this added to the permanent menu.


Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

Sticky sesame rice with sauteed vegetables and meat kheema if you opt for the non vegetarian version. I can see why this would be a part of a Hawker’s Hall menu because this is one complete meal. The sesame rice was very lack lustre and definitely needed some more salt. The vegetables were well seasoned and fresh. The lack of any sort of a gravy could be a bit of a problem for some, but if you mix the vegetables with the rice, it isn’t too bad. I will however give full marks for the presentation. Priced at 499INR for the vegetarian and 539INR for the non vegetarian version.

Our Verdict- It is not something that I would repeatedly order from the menu. So I think this can be skipped from the menu.

Jungle Hula Hoop Curry

Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto

If you don’t like jackruit or pineapple, then skip this because it has both. It is sweet like nothing else that I have ever tasted and it has coconut.  I am so not a fan of coconut or sweet and coconuts in sweets is a big NO-NO for me. The rice is seasoned with chilly powder to balance the sweetness, but even that is not enough. Priced – 419INR

Our Verdict- I think it is pretty obvious what our verdict for this dish. This can safely remain as a special/ limited edition dish.

The only 2 dishes we did not try was Mekong Boat Chicken Curry  and Korean Lamb Bulgogi mainly due to lack of space in the stomach.

Final Verdict- Do not miss out on trying the Thai Puchkas, the Rice Pancake and the Sukiyaki noodles.



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  1. Food on that table made me hungry! lol and it’s 2am! I just noticed Mamagoto’s glasses in which they served you the beverages. Super cute! And I wonder how those Thai Puchkas tasted?

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