Quick Bites: Fabelle Chocolates at ITC Grand Chola

fabelle chocolate boutique at ITC

Quick Bites is a section that I have been wanting to start for a while. This will be the section where you will find small review of places that I have visited and tried only 2-3 dishes. not a wide variety. So it is possible that I might have multiple reviews up about the same place featuring different dishes every time. First up, lets talk about Fabelle Chocolate Boutique at ITC Grand Chola.

Fabelle has been a place that my dad has been wanting to take me for a long long time. However it so happened that Poornima took me there for a treat, and I just had to write about it.

The ambiance is one of absolute luxury. From the seating to lighting, it is an experience that one must be try when you are in a mood to splurge.

We went ahead to try a meal, and 2 signature dishes.

The meal for one includes 1 tea/coffee, a chocolate dish from their range of Entrements or Dreams, and 2 As You Like it cups.

The As You Like It cups is one bite of a chocolate cup that melts in your mouth to give way to a filling that plays with your senses topped off with a grand finale. The best part is that you get to choose the type pf cup, the filling and the topping. Make it the way you want. I opted for a milk chocolate cup filled with chocolate and topped with dark chocolate shavings to balance out the sweetness of the milk chocolate and the creaminess of the white chocolate. It was a bite of heaven no doubt.

As You like it cups at Fabelle chocolate boutique

For the main chocolate dish, we chose Eclair Venezuela which is from the Dream range. This has various textures to it. I am sure most of you are familiar with what an eclair is- a pastry filled with fresh cream. This was an innovative take on that. The filling was 72% Venezuelan chocolate, that is basically dark chocolate. The pastry surrounding it is like a slight hard wafer that we had some difficulty cutting into. On the top there is dulcey cream, which sort of like white chocolate with a buttery and toasty flavour. There are also delicate leaves of chocolate and a biscuit crumble. The dulcey cream adds a unique flavour to the entire dish and which I expected it to be really rich and heavy, it was not. Personally I would have liked a little more sweetness to the dish.

Venezuela eclair at Fabelle Chocolate Boutique

Eclair Venezuela at Fabelle CHocolate boutique

Poornima ended the meal with a cup of Cappucino. When I said ended, I don’t mean we left after after the coffee. No No, we tasted 2 more chocolate dishes.

Salted Caramel Ganache at Fabelle_boutique

Salted Caramel Ganache, from the Signature range, was the dish that Poornima selected for me. I love Salted Caramel with chocolate and I am not sure how she knew that, but it was the perfect selection for me. We got to watch the Chef plate it and it was amazing to watch her pick up tiny rounds of fruit and decorate the ganache. The ganache is made with Ghana chocolate and layered with salted caramel in an exact proportion, such that you get equal amounts of salt, sweet and slight amount of bitter on your palate all at once. The ganache melts in your mouth and the bits of fruit along with a few leaves of mint just added the needed pop of freshness. The berry coulis adds a bit of sweetness without being overpowering. I was a bit concerned about the coconut sorbet, because I am not a fan of coconut with sweets or ice cream. But the flavour is really mild and acts like a palate cleanser so you can really absorb the flavours of the ganache. The dish overall is a winner for me because it has an amazing balance of flavours and is very light.

Salted Caramel Ganache at Fabelle boutique

The last dish that we tried from their Dreams range was the White Chocolate Cheese Cake Jar. Honestly I was a bit afraid that we would not be able to finish this after the amount of desserts we had already stuffed ourselves with. The jar is covered with a layer of evenly tempered chocolate. One crack and it opens to reveal a layer of cream cheese and white chocolate topped with fresh fruit. The bottom layer is chocolate and I think biscuit crumble. This dessert was love at first bite. I am a huge fan of white chocolate and the smoothness of the cream cheese just makes this dessert melt in the mouth. (I am drooling as I write this). The pops of fruit that appear add  lot of freshness and the coulis adds an alternative flavour. Wiping the jar clean was not as hard as I thought it would be. It is definitely not your traditional cheesecake.

White chocolate cheesecake at Fabelle

To choose a favourite would be kind of hard because I am torn between the Salted Caramel Ganache and the White Chocolate Cheesecake jar.

I am not talking about the pricing here because she paid for the entire bill and I didn’t even get to see the total, but I can safely tell you that this is luxury chocolates and hence the price is a luxurious one as well. Each dessert is around 600INR+ and the meal that we opted for was around 1000INR. Also we know that taxes are the killer here so, I think my estimate would be about 3000INR. Yes I know it sounds expensive, but I think that the quality, the presentation all justifies the pricing and of course this isn’t your regular cafe, right? So a splurge every now and then never hurt.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and I really have to thank Purni for taking me along. Now I can’t wait to go back and try the famous Chocolate flower. Do make sure to check out Purni’s Food Blog to see her thoughts on the same.

What else should I try at the Fabelle Chocolate Boutique?


Pictures Credits- Poornima. M. Reddy.

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