Rafflesia, The Banished Princess by Gautam

Rafflesia The Banished princess

It is going to be raining book reviews here because we have been reading A LOT!! Here is the latest one.

Editor’s note- When I saw the title of the book my mind directly went what we learnt in Biology about Rafflesia being the largest flower on earth. But clearly the book isn’t about a flower, so lets go ahead and read on.


The first thing that I found weird or engaging about this book is this title. It is something that can make you attracted or repelled from the book, in my case, I didn’t feel immediately attracted because I was not in the mood to read something mythological which this sounded like. However, the title has very little role to play with the plot (as far as I am concerned). Also, I personally prefer titles that are either related to the plot fully or are based on a meaningful phrase in the story. Same goes for the cover page of the book, it is very much on the theme of ‘Rafflesia – The Banished Princess’, an oriental princess’s story. Now the problem with this concept is that people who pick the book expecting this oriental princess kind of story would be left disappointed while people who might actually be interested in the book may not read it assuming it to be something else.

What I liked about the book was the alternate play of flashback between chapters, if you have read The God of Small Things, you must be aware of this concept.  However, the book’s plot lacked strength in the sense that it was a bunch of events but finally I did not feel that it led to a very exciting climax. However, one thing I always say about book opinions is that it depends hugely from person to person. In case of this book, I feel what started as something inviting in the beginning did not lead to a whole lot more. It kept running around the same life events more or less and the reader feels like that it will lead to something more but, for me, it didn’t. The book is about a very emotional & shy boy who is very loving and caring towards people in his life but he keeps losing them every now and then in some or the other way. The book is about various events and changes that happen in his life, as he moves in different parts of the world, and how it affects him. ‘Rafflesia – The Banished Princess’ is not a book that I enjoyed a lot but I would love to know a different point of view. So, let me know if you happen to read it and how you find it.

-Srishty Grover

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