REVIEW: Vaya Tyffyn Box in 600ml

Vaya is surely a household name by now. I mean come on, they created ripples when they launched their 1000ml Vaya Tyffyn box. When they contacted me saying that they had a smaller 600ml version, I was quite excited to try it out and chose the Steel variant this time (The hope was that the husband would carry it to work and it would look less girly than the wool. So is he taking it to work? Well, we will get to that in a bit.)

About the Vaya Tyffyn 600ml

On the outside, this looks exactly the same as the 1000ml one, only smaller. The outer lid is stainless steel and has the VacuTherm Insulated Technology to keep your food hot hot hot. Inside there are just 2 Copper Finished boxes both of 300ml volume each. The very first change that I noticed is the change in the grip on the lid. I remember struggling to remove the lid of the 1000ml variant. However this 600ml variant has been designed so that you have a fingerhold which makes it 5 times easier to get the lid off the hot container.

Also please note that the Bagmat does NOT come with the 600ml Vaya Tyffyn. It is available only for a few launch pieces and then you will need to buy it separately at a price of 690INR.  Head over here to buy your Bagmat and Vaya Tyffyn


Vaya Tyffyn Box review

Vaya Tyffyn Box review

How did the Vaya Tyffyn work?

I did what the instructions told me to do and washed the boxes with hot water first before filling them with food. Since the separator is the new attraction,I used it to carry sambar and cabbage subzi in one box. After about 3 hours of filling it  I had lunch and the rice was still warm and not stuck together. The sambar was quite hot as was the cabbage subzi. More importantly, the sambar had not spilled into the subzi which was great! What was I comparing all of this to? Food kept in a regular stainless steel tiffen box.

What I like the most about the Vaya Tyffyn 600ml

  • Smaller and easier to carry
  • Definitely lighter than the 1000ml variant
  • Easy finger grip on the lids. I LOVE that they have changed this design. I had such an issue with the previous one.
  • Looks fabulous and chic and elegant. (Okay I admit it. The fashionista in me wishes there were more variants)
  • Keeps food hot. That is the ultimate goal, right?
  • The separator works really well and there is no mixing of the food.

Vaya Tyffyn Box review,

Vaya Tyffyn Box review

Vaya Tyffyn Box review


What I don’t really like about the Vaya Tyffyn 600ml

  • A bit too small for someone with a big appetite. That’s why the husband refused to take this to work. So if you have a child who is growing, this may not be enough of food. If you are on a diet then this is perfect.
  • The separators reduce the space even more so you get to carry like 2 tablespoons of vegetables. Not okay for a balanced diet.
  • Slightly high maintenance. I mean if you want it last longer then you need to take care of it the way it is suggested. This isn’t like any other stainless steel tiffen that your child can just junk into the sink.

Vaya Tyffyn box review


Final thoughts- Priced at 1990INR, this cutsy tiffen box is great for a younger child or a very portion conscious person. Personally I would prefer the 1000ml Vaya Tyffyn Box for a sumptuous meal


*Product sent by the brand for review



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