Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right- Varsha Dixit


The beauty of the english language is the way that you can play around with it and the phrasing changes. The title of the book is a sure giveaway that this is an all-in-all chick flick. What you don’t know, until you start reading, is that there is an element of mystery in it with a twist towards the end.

The chapters are small, the language is kept simple and easy, and the story moves forward quite quickly. The characters are straightforward and the plot thickens with the introduction of a shadowy character who is not revealed till the end.

The characters in this story are a continuation from 2 previous books by Varsha Dixit- Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Wrong Means Right End, but the story seems quite independent of the previous books and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything by not reading the other books.


The main characters Gayrathri and Viraj are normal people. A spoilt brat who lives off her father’s money. Gayathri, shows quite a bit of growth as the story develops. The transition takes places slowly but visibly. I love how Gayathri grows into an independent person and the way she takes charge of her life. The ending is absolutely not what you expect her to be doing.

Viraj is an eccentric scientist, or so he poses to be. No one but Gayathri sees him for who he truly is. He is portrayed as a very anti social character with a short temper  and no patience to deal with clumsy Gayathri. However he is a very strong character from the beginning and always stands up for what he believes in.

The other characters include Sneha, Nandini, Nikhil and Aditya. Sneha and Nandini, who have appeared in the previous two books as well, are your quintesstial best friends who gossip and have a view point about everything and everyone. They definitely add a small amount of comic relief to the story. Nikhil and Aditya are their husbands, more like guest roles in the book.

Published by Rupa publications and priced at 195INR, Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right is one of those books that you pick up at the airport and finish it on the flight itself. Perfect for a quick read and light entertainment accompanied by Cornitos nachos and Minute Maid orange.


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