Syrian Christian Food Festival at Ente Keralam, Bangalore

Ente Keralam Bangalore

First up I want to mention that this food festival is on only till July 14th. Francis was in a bit of a food coma and hence the delay in the review. But with no further ado, here we go.

How do you describe the feeling when you have had so much good food but not enough stomach space left?

Well, Ente Keralam had me wondering just this.

To introduce Ente Keralam, is a fine-dining Kerala restaurant in Richards Town, opened not so long ago but attracting a good mix for people ranging from the homesick Malayalis crowding in for the taste, to meat lovers and foodies in general.

Hosting the Syrian food festival was their attempt at recreating flavours with traditional Kerala spices offering luscious non-vegetarian delicacies that’s cooked exactly how you will expect it in the heart of Kerala. Their menu features some delicacies from Syrian Christian cuisine such as Karimeen Fry,  Ishtew, Onakka Meen Thenga Kothu Curry, Erachi Peralan  Paaniyum Pazhavum , Vattayappam along with the usual biryanis and regular dishes as Appam and Puttu. With over 20 dishes as part of the food festival, there is something for everyone.

Ente Keralam Bangalore

Talking about the Ambience.

Now when you walk into the place what strikes you the most is the simplicity of this post-colonial architecture that subtly stimulates a sense of warmth and for anyone who has experienced the hospitality of the Hod’s own country it sure is welcoming. There are no grand paintings or expensive chinaware, all the focus is on food, just GOOD FOOD.

Ente Keralam Bangalore

Ente Keralam Bangalore

Ente Keralam Bangalore

So how was the food, you ask?

Ente Keralam Review

Syrian Christian Food Festival at Ente Keralam

Syrian Christian Food Festival at Ente Keralam

Syrian Christian Food Festival at Ente Keralam

The menu was quite interesting, and I was pampered with a lemon mint cooler to start with and  glass of the traditional jeera water to go with. Then began what in my head was a lame version of Darwin’s theory of survival , only here we eat all the delicious ones ( this is what happens when you get to hungry waiting for the waiter to come with your food). For appetizers I started with a Beef fry that’s called Erachi Porichadha. My first thoughts on it were,well honestly if some toddy was available, it would have made an amazing pair, but of course it taste great even as just a starter. Well cooked, well seasoned and a dish I completely relished.

For the main course I began with both Appam and Idiyappam with a slow cooked mutton stew made with coconut milk and bit of yogurt, it does taste a bit sweet but it sure did compliment the appam.

The fish biryani was interesting simply because when I first tasted it, it feel a little bland but somehow managed to leave a deliciously spicy after taste. The rice was kept mild while the fish add the required flavour to it.

To the end the meal I had a hot pepper rasam which on my scale will rank 3rd   with my grandma’s rasam being number 1. What a way to finish a meal! The portions served are more than ample for a single person to have a sumptuous meal.

Syrian Christian Food Festival at Ente Keralam

Overall the Chefs at Ente Keralam definitely add the magic of home into the food that is cooked and the overall experience was wonderful. I would suggest giving yourself ample time to relax and enjoy a hot meal and not go towards the end of the lunch session, like I did. Also, since the focus is on a non vegetarian menu, I think one would enjoy it more if they eat meat and fish. No offense to the vegetarians here, but you can consider skip this festival. The food festival is on till July 14th, at Clarke’s Road, Ente Keralam, so make sure to check it out before that.


*Disclaimer- We were invited to the food fest to taste and review it for you. The opinions expressed here are not biased.





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  1. I love ente keralam food from long… Was not aware of the food festival… Thanks for putting this up…

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