Tick Tock. We’re 30! by Milan Vohra

Milan Vohra

What makes you buy a book? The cover illustrations,the  blurb on the back of the book, Or because someone recommended it?

Well usually for me it is a combination of reasons but this book I picked up because of the title. It just hit too close to home. Tick Tock, I will be 30 in a few weeks. I have a mish mash of emotions raging through me at this point, all of which I do not want to get into here. Lets just focus on the book review.

I had the joy of meeting Milan Vohra and listening to her read an excerpt from the book. It is a different feeling altogether to hear the author read from the book because it infuses more life into the characters. It is like you get to understand the characters from the author’s perspective.

The main characters in the book are quite a few. It is definitely a multi starrer story. The plot revolves around Lara, and her upcoming 30th birthday. Like any group of friends, Lara and her SN Colony gang made plans to have a massive reunion for Lara’s 30th birthday and the time has come for the plan to be put into action. The gang is a pretty big one, and each character has as small background story of their own which comes out through the course of the book.

Set in Delhi, the story starts with Lara talking about her love-hate, well more like hate-hate relationship with Nishad, who is described as your quintessential hero- tall, well built, an artist, a gentleman in all aspects. Makes you want to sigh at the idea of being in the arms of such a man. Now the main problem for Lara is that one drunken night, about 10 years ago, she made a FRIENDS style pact with Nishad, that they would get married to each other, if neither of them were married by the time Lara was 30. Of course neither of them are married and they are 30 (of course if one of them had gotten married, then the story would cease to exist beyond that point.) She has no intentions of  letting Nishad know that she is single and makes up the existence of a boyfriend. She even goes to the extent of getting an actor to play the role of her boyfriend.  Complications arise in different ways when her “boyfriend” flirts with the other women in the house, and the most unlikely people get together. It is easy to draw parallels between the characters and people in your own life, because most of us have Nishads, Riyas and Sitas in our own life.

As the story moves on, there some twists and turns in the plot, some predictable, some not so predictable. The villains are within the group, I mean obviously, the term ‘frenemy’ was coined with a reason. It is interesting to see who gets paired up with whom and of course, all’s well that ends well.

Milan Vohra Tick Tock

What I liked was the flow of the novel. Long drawn out sentences that make it more like a conversation. (In honesty that is exactly how I talk and write). The language is kept simple and the story is a very heart warming story. It is one of those feel good books. Definitely worth a read once and for any of those times when you just want to smile and feel happy. Those who are expecting a complicated plot with extravagant settings do not go for this book. A cute indianised chick flick.


P.S. read about how I met Milan Vohra on IshtyleAwhile

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